Based in East Africa, Reny Safaris has hands on experience in offering African travel experiences and currently is creating new safari offers to discovered destinations in the Eastern region of Africa. First hand experience of the destinations means our travel experts are your best possible option for a tailor-made or luxury itinerary within the African Western region.

A safari undertaken with Reny Safaris through exceptional adventure destinations in some of the most beautiful natural destinations of the world is not only a luxury experience that promises to reawaken the soul, but an incredible encounter that captures the imagination of discerning travelers of all ages.

By embarking on an adventure with us, you become part of our dream to integrate international travelers and the natives of the land to their mutual benefit and to demonstrate that wildlife can be conserved on a sustainable basis by all. We believe that our heritage of the people, wild land and animals should be recognized as one of our most precious natural resources.

Your days will be thrilling adventures and by night you will be entranced with luxury encounters beyond your wildest dreams. You will be taken care of by friendly and knowledgeable people whose only desire is to ensure that each moment you spend with us is a perfect moment.