0800hrs: Depart from Nairobi for Thika where the famous Fourteen Falls are located. This name is derived from the 14 distinctive falls which are found on the Athi River. Many of the activities carried out include; boat rides across the river, fishing, identification of different plants in the area, bird watching as well as photography.

1100hrs: Depart Fourteen Falls for Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park which is a few kilometers away. Ol Donyo Sabuk is a small mountain covered by mountain forest. It is home to 45 species of birds and a home to some of the wild animals including: gazelles, antelopes, zebras, Buffaloes e.t.c, which are dominant in the park among other wildlife. This park also offers a best locality for hiking. It is also from this hiking place that the snow on Mt. Kenya can be seen from a distance.